rude [ro͞od]
ruder, rudest [OFr < L rudis, akin to rudus, debris, rubble < IE * reud-, to tear apart < base * reu-, to tear out, dig up > RUG, ROTTEN]
1. crude or rough in form or workmanship [a rude hut]
2. barbarous or ignorant [rude savages]
a) lacking refinement, culture, or elegance; uncouth, boorish, coarse, vulgar, etc.
b) [Brit. Informal] indecent; obscene [a rude joke]
4. discourteous; unmannerly [a rude reply]
5. rough, violent, or harsh [a rude awakening]
6. harsh in sound; discordant; not musical [rude tones]
7. having or showing little skill or development; primitive [rude drawings]
8. not carefully worked out or finished; not precise [a rude appraisal]
9. sturdy; robust; rugged [rude health]
SYN.- RUDE, in this comparison, implies a deliberate lack of consideration for others' feelings and connotes, especially, insolence, impudence, etc. [it was rude of you to ignore your uncle ]; ILL-MANNERED connotes ignorance of the amenities of social behavior rather than deliberate rudeness [a well-meaning but ill-mannered fellow ]; BOORISH is applied to one who is rude or ill-mannered in a coarse, loud, or overbearing way; IMPOLITE implies merely a failure to observe the forms of polite society [it would be impolite to leave so early ]; DISCOURTEOUS suggests a lack of dignified consideration for others [a discourteous reply ]; UNCIVIL implies a disregarding of even the most elementary of good manners [her uncivil treatment of the waiter ] -ANT. POLITE, CIVIL

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